We know how difficult it is to find a reliable partner. Thus, Cardigi is here to help you control your costs and receive top quality services.


If you are frequently renting cars for your employees, than you should check our offer. Our package is specilly created to meet your highest demands. Generally, having your own car fleet can be very costly. A contract with Cardigi helps you maintain your costs under control.


A few of the benefits that Cardigi is offering for your company:

  • For rentals higher than 5 days, the price/day is the one for 14 – 23 days
  • No guarantee fees
  • For contracts longer than 3 months the payment term is negotiable


Cardigi is here to help you focus on your business goal without you worrying about the administration of the car fleet.


For a detailed offer please contact us at: Tel – +40741176003, E-mail:


Flexibility, rapidity and safety constitute the main elements of a great vacation. Cardigi is here to offer your customers their dream vacation. No worries guaranteed!

We have a special package for the tourism agencies who want to become our partner.

For a detailed offer please contact us at: Tel – +40741176003, E-mail: