Terms and conditions

We know that no one likes rules, but to support your comfort and security, we need to have the following rules:

  1. The designated driver/the client has to be minimum 21 years old and to have been driving for at least 1 year. Cardigi will make copies of the driver’s/drivers license(s) and identity card(s).
  2. The car is delivered with a FULL FUEL TANK and clean inside out. The client needs to return it in the same conditions. If the car is not returned as such, Cardigi will charge the customer for the missing fuel and the car wash price.
  3. The rental is allowed only across Romania and refueling has to be done at one of the following operators: ROMPETROL, PETROM, MOL, AGIP, SOCAR and OMV.
  4. The rented car can be driven only by the people mentioned in the contract as drivers/additional drivers who have obtained their license more than 1 year ago.
  5. The car will be utilized in accordance with the usage instructions and the Cardigi requirements. Any damage needs to be notified to Cardigi company when it is discovered. All measures to reduce the damage’s impact as well as the legal precautions to declare it as per current Romanian law requirements have to be taken.
  1. You are not allowed to bring any mechanical or outside modifications to the car.
  2. You are not allowed to drive the car while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other type of prohibited substances.
  3. You are not allowed to drive the car if your driving license is suspended, annulled or retained in order to be annulled or suspended.
  4. It’s strictly forbidenn to enter flooded areas.
  5. You are not allowed to travel with the car on other roads then the ones designated to the public traffic.
  6. You are not allowed to abandon the car in deserted areas or if there is a traffic jam, except if this has been clearly demanded by the police when people’s life or integrity is at risk.
  7. The following situations are assimilated with the car’s theft by the client or with the help of the client: over passing the car return deadline with more than 3 hours, without any previous agreement and payment with the Cardigi Company.  

Cardigi Renting Company has the following obligations:

  1. To inform the client about the terms and conditions to be followed when using the car, by signing the car  rental agreement, handing over the car keys and the papers.
  2. To hand over the car with a FULL FUEL TANK.
  3. To insure the car FULL CASCO for the full rental period.
  4. To replace the severe damaged car within the shortest time, if the car has mechanical damages which are the company’s fault. The replacement will be done if the car is less than 100 KM away from the renting office and if Cardigi company has a car available. If the new car is from a different class, the price will remain the same as per the signed contract; if the new car is from a lower class the company will pay back the  client  the difference in price.

The client has the following obligations:

  1. To pay the rental fee and to return the car the same way he/she has received it(clean and with  FULL TANK)
  2. To return the car keys.
  3. To not use the car for taxi, driver’s school, races, transportation of dangerous or inflammable substances or towing activities.
  4. To not allow other drivers than the ones mentioned in the contract to drive the car .In case of damages, the client will have to pay in full.
  5. In case the car is damaged completely and the fault is the clients, he is obliged to pay the difference in price between the evaluated price and the sum paid by the insurance company.
  6. To not sell, put as down payment or use the car in any different way versus the one agreed through the contract.
  7. To pay any damages brought to the car or third parties by its own fault when committing any criminal activities incriminated by Romanian Criminal Law which include driving the car under alcohol or other prohibited substances influence.
  8. To pay in full the penalties/costs received when breaking the driving rules, parking in prohibited places or when the local authorities need to take actions related with the car to ensure public safety.
  9. To inform Cardigi company, when asked, about the whereabouts of the car.
  10. To inform within 12 hours, both in writing and verbally, Cardigi company if the car’s papers or keys/remote control have been lost or stolen.
  11. To take all the necessary security measures(remove the car keys from the ignition, close the windows,doors and trunk, to activate the alarm system, etc) when the car is parked or stationed.
  12. To use the car as if he was the owner.
  13. To allow the car to be inspected by Cardigi company within 24 hours from the company’s request.
  14. To return the car when the deadline is fulfilled under the agreed terms from the contract and to pay any costs generated by Cardigi company having to pick-up the car from a different place versus the agreed location. If the client doesn’t fulfill any of the terms and conditions agreed, the contract becomes null immediately. Cardigi company will pick up the car by its own means immediatly thereby the client will allow Cardigi company to enter within any locations or garage where the car is located.
  15. To inform immediately the rental company and to declare to the police the theft of the car.